Permanent fundingusing the power of DeFi

Endao allows you to direct the yield generated from DeFi/Staking to projects or people that you want to support.

Use Cases

How you can fund the future

Endao can be used many ways to fund the future. Here are just a few of the ideas we can think of.


Content creators use Endao to raise funding from their community so they can keep creating amazing content.


Charities and nonprofits use Endao to raise money and fund daily operations.

Open Source

Open source maintainers use Endao to raise money from their software's users so they can fund continued development.


Researchers use Endao to raise funding and explore fields of research where grant money may be lacking or unavailable.


Creators of goods and services use Endao for recurring payments

Special Projects

There are too many potential use cases for Endao. Join our community and let us know how you want to fund projects

Ready to check it out?Using Endao is free and open source.

How It Works

Take a look a these videos to get an understanding of how the Endao protocol works and how you can use it.

  • Video: Create an Endaoment

    Recieve funding for your organization

    This video walks you through how to create an endaoment. The video is the perfect getting started guide for content creators, nonprofit fundraisers, or anyone else who needs funding.

  • Video: Fund an Endaoments

    Find Endaoments and fund them

    This video walks you through the basics on finding and funding Endaoments that have been created on the Endao protocol

Frequently asked questions


“Endao is a really interesting concept; I’m excited to see what type of projects will be funded by the protocol.”

Phil Meng
Head of Treasury and Markets, Stellar Foundation

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